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Its main attraction is the ease with which it integrates with applications and the web browser. That is, every time you want to put a password that you have saved, you can include it instantly without having to copy and paste.

Compared to 1Password the main difference is the price, here it is only 2 dollars a month and the functionalities are practically the same. However, there is a free version that can meet the needs of the most demanding users.

Dashlane comes with strength and some very good ideas, but also with some compromises if we want to benefit from everything it offers. The most basic service is free and has all the essentials we have seen above.

It is easy to use, intuitive and has one of the nicest interfaces. If synchronization between devices is not a priority, we can have everything from the mobile without having to pay. However, if we want to connect a computer or make backups, we have to pay 3 euros per month, which is also billed annually.

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For those users who want the maximum privacy and security available, Proton Mail presents itself as a great option. This is an app that presents itself as the largest encrypted email client on the market. In addition, it has a very interesting origin. Because this app was created by CERN scientists in 2013. It provides users on Android with PGP end-to-end encryption. So it is very secure.

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This means that only the person who sends it and the person who receives it can read such mail. Although the mails that are sent are stored on a server. But, this server is also encrypted, which prevents access to the server and the content of the messages. In addition, it allows users to send messages that will self-destruct. This is something that Gmail wanted to copy in its confidential messages, but otherwise it looks like a normal email client. An easy to use interface, as well as providing features such as navigation gestures. But if you are concerned about security or privacy, especially if you send private or business information, Proton Mail is a good alternative to Inbox. The download of this app is free.ProtonMail – Encrypted email – Download

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You tell us about your project so we can get an idea of what it is about and we look for the best technology adapted to your needs. We involve you in the whole process and guide you in the best direction to make your project a success.

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Software development is complex, but through our prototypes we help you to visualize the process in stages, to get the result you want faster! We divide the development into several phases so you can have a better control over the progress of the project.

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Como la mayoría de la gente, probablemente tienes docenas y docenas de cuentas en línea para gestionar todo, desde tus finanzas hasta tu vida social. Todas esas cuentas tienen contraseñas que hay que recordar y mantener a salvo. Y cuando se trata de practicar una buena seguridad en línea, deberías usar una contraseña diferente y fuerte para cada cuenta.

Un gestor de contraseñas te ofrece un lugar seguro para almacenar los datos de acceso de cada cuenta. Las contraseñas se rellenan automáticamente por ti, y las nuevas se generan al momento cuando te registras en una nueva cuenta. Un gestor de contraseñas es una forma inteligente de organizar tus contraseñas y protegerte en Internet.

Si utilizas un smartphone o una tableta Android, habrás notado que el navegador web Chrome tiene un gestor de contraseñas integrado para guardar y rellenar los inicios de sesión de diferentes sitios web. Este gestor de contraseñas nativo del navegador te ahorra tiempo y la molestia de recordar cada contraseña.

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Cuando se trata de protegerse en línea, se necesita más. Android es una plataforma de código abierto por diseño, lo que permite a los usuarios modificar los códigos fuente y el funcionamiento de sus dispositivos. Esto también expone a los teléfonos y tabletas Android a vulnerabilidades de seguridad. Te mereces proteger tus datos -y tu dinero- con el mejor gestor de contraseñas. Necesitas funciones que refuercen tu seguridad, con un lugar seguro para gestionar tu vida online. ¡Nunca más tendrás que hacer clic en el icono del ojo al introducir tu contraseña!

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